FX-3 Rocket

The most distinctive feature of this model is the tail, it looks like a couple of rocket fins configured loosely from a swallow. Has an off the top snap that feels like a rounded square but then the carve of a swallow that allows for nice figure 8 cutbacks. Loosely based on the FX-2 with a flatter nose entry and wider nose as well (about 1"), single to double concave and a bit wider across the fins with a slight "wing" at the fins to help with ease into turns. Ride as a tri fin, quad fin or quad plus 1. The paddlepower is the major benefit with more area forward, you have a more foward paddle trim position which helps to pick off waves that don't always let you in so you can set up early for a better ride. Ideal for 1-4 feet wave range. Stu (87kg) rides a 5'9"x20 1/8"x 2 1/2" v=30.2L

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