HPX-2....As so many surfers loved the way the HPX-1 performed in good quality waves we decided to design a board that would perform in exactly the same way in the 1- 4 foot wave range.The HPX-2 has the same rocker,concave and rail/deck profile as the HPX-1 but we have changed the outline to a wider tail area featuring a soft wing and a wider nose area as well as adding more flotation by making the board slightly wider through the middle.This allows the rider to ride the board an inch or two shorter than your standard HPX-1.By blending the high performance rockers and concaves with a wider planshape you are able to surf small to medium waves super aggressively keeping the board super fast and responsive, while actually adding to the boards paddling and flotation characteristics.As this design can be used in most conditions it makes for a great allrounder for the bigger guys.

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