Our HPX-3 is going to solve all your dilemas about board choice in quality waves.It combines the area in the nose of the HPX-2 for stability and flotation from the wider nose, increasing your paddle power and add extra stability on the drop. While in the tail region we essentially put a more of a standard tail area in from the HPX-1, giving more grip and hard turning ability by keeping the tail tighter for a more aggressive approach to the bigger stuff! As board design constantly evolves and crew look for an edge in performance and paddling the HPX-3 delivers both when surfing waves 3 to 8 feet with a bit of extra punch and you need more paddle power but don't want to go any longer with board selection so that you can keep the turns tight fast and under control. As a guide you would ride the same length as a HPX-2 for waves up to 6 foot and 2 to 3 inches longer for stuff in the 8 foot range!

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