Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger has Best combination of design features available today. Nice wide nose (15" + borrowed from FX-Rocket)) for max paddlepower and allowing a forward paddletrim position which maximises your wave count , still with the tip slightly pulled in to give forgiveness. We then blended in the Bender Mini Gun (BMG-X) Tail design ,with that beautifull area rounded pin that allows for max "hackability" and super tight radius turns because of the round tail . Lower rocker entry but with a slight nose flip and a mid rail, and importantly the velvet smooth single to double concave matching that rocker. To sum it up a great paddler , lots of stability but the tail allowing for some stinging whips and lip cracks. Tri fin or quad combo as standard. Primarily a small wave design but will surprise many with it's versatility and wave range that it can be surfed in!




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