Our newest baby to the range the Pantera-x will deliver the goods in the 1-4 foot surf everytime! Much wider nose and tail than the Bender series (tail-16"@ the 12" point and nose 14"@ the 12"point) gives this craft great momentum across any soft sections while having that great super responsive area round tail to pivot and arc on. We have tweaked the bottom curve featuring a single through to double concave with "tail vee" running out from the tail fin further enhancing this boards pivot and turning ability. With a mid-low rocker entry it's a winner on the flats but with enough rocker to attack any steep sucky section that often pops up. Great paddler ,good stability super fun board for all skill levels. Stu's own board dim's are 5'9"x20"x2 1/2", (weight 87kg height 5'9").





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